Healthy Bread Attracts The Fitness Crowd To Restaurants

Bread is a staple in virtually every restaurant. Bread is served with breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections. The health conscious have very special and specific interests in their meals. Buying the healthiest selections from bread suppliers allows for adding a twist to the menu. The bread placed on the table does not have to be generic. Instead, healthy bread matched to the right meals ends up becoming a selling point and allows the dining establishment to stand out to customers.

Whole Grains and Heart Health for Breakfast

Thanks to the ability of whole grain breads to lower cholesterol levels, breakfast selections with this type of bread present a healthy menu choice. An breakfast sandwich made with whole grain bread, egg whites, vegetables, and, perhaps, lean turkey meat would be a nice meal for someone who wants to keep saturated fat and other things unhealthy for the heart out of a morning meal. Mentioning the health value of whole grains on the menu description would be a nice touch.

Pointing out the health benefits of the bread in the menu description should not be overlooked. Not only this add to the meal being special, the customer just might walk over to the bakery and buy a loaf of whole grain bread on the way out.

Pumpernickel and Exercise Recovery

"White, wheat, or rye?" is the question usually asked of customers ordering a sandwich. Someone who is fitness conscious might opt for wheat, but the pumpernickel version of rye bread is an awesome choice for someone stopping off for lunch after a workout. After a hard workout in the gym, the body is going to be depleted of nutrients. A lot of vitamins and minerals end up being lost through sweating. Muscle is broken down from weightlifting. Carbohydrates are burned up as source of energy. Replacing what was lost with a healthy after-workout meal is a good move.

A chicken or lean roast beef sandwich is a solid source of protein for muscle recovery, but where can the missing carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals come from? Pumpernickel bread is a a great source of calcium, manganese, B-complex vitamins, and several grams of carbohydrates per slice. Thanks to the presence of these nutrients, pumpernickel bread is perfect with any morning, noon, or evening meal.

With the help of the right bread supplier (like Klosterman Baking Company), a restaurant becomes able to add a lot of healthy bread varieties. These additions won't be lost on fitness-minded customers.

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