Are You Planning An Outdoor Wedding? 3 Tips For Picking The Perfect Custom Wedding Cake

Your wedding is a chance to show off your style, and the cake is one area where you can let your creativity shine. While you may be dreaming of layers of frosting and edible flowers, you do need to keep a few things in mind when you want to select a cake for an outdoor wedding. One of the benefits of custom wedding cakes is that you can pick the frosting, decorations, and set up arrangements so that everything works perfectly in an outdoor environment, and these three tips will help you get ready to consult with the baker.

Consider Using Faux Tiers

Outdoor wedding venues tend to have lots of space, which means that you may need a bigger cake to make a dramatic display. However, multiple tiers of cake tend to get heavy, and this increases the risk of your cake melting or falling apart in the warmer outdoor temperatures. You may also only need a couple of tiers to feed your guest list. During your meeting with the baker, ask if they can add faux tiers to the cake to give it height without compromising the structure. Your guests won't be able to tell the difference when the cake is assembled, but it will help it last through the ceremony.

Focus On the Frosting

While a thick buttercream frosting looks and tastes delicious, this may not be your best option for an outdoor wedding. If the forecast for your wedding date includes warm temperatures, then you may be better off choosing fondant. However, this could change if you are setting up an air conditioned tent for your big event. Talk to the baker about where you plan to set up the cake so that they can help you select a frosting that can stand up to the climate.

Discuss the Delivery and Set Up

In most cases, it is better to arrange for the cake to be delivered to your wedding venue. This helps to prevent potential issues such as having one of the members of your wedding party accidentally drop it during transport. Your cake bakery can let you know what you can do to help with the delivery and set up process. For instance, they may recommend that you set up a shaded area for the cake to rest on that protects it from being in the harsh sunlight. You may also need to allow for enough time for the delivery team to set up the cake before the guests arrive.

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